Please read these booking conditions carefully; they are an important part of your contract for your trip. By asking us to confirm your booking, we are entitled to assume that you have had the opportunity to read and have read these terms and conditions, and agree to them.


Booking contract

When you make a booking you enter into a contract on behalf of all your party with Hikerseuphoria on the terms set out in these conditions of booking. They shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Scottish law, being subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Scotland.

Booking and Cancellations

By submitting a booking form, you accept all of the below terms and direct us to perform services on your behalf.

All persons named in the booking form are subjected to this agreement. By accepting these terms you affirm that you have made all other participants listed in the booking aware of these terms – regardless of how final payment is made and that all participants accept these terms. The deposit for your trip will be 25% of the total trip cost. Should you, or any member of your party decide to cancel your trip booking, you must advise us in informing us by email. The following charges will apply if you cancel your booking.

Cancellations cut off times Charges that will apply
8 weeks or more before trip departure 25% deposit
8 weeks to 31 days 50% deposit
30 days or less 100% deposit

If your cancellation is due to unforeseen circumstances we maybe able to transfer your booking to another date, but this will only be possible if there is/are spaces available.  If we can’t book you on another trip, the cancellations charges will apply.

Hikerseuphoria reserve the right to cancel or refuse any booking, at which time we will refund all monies paid.

Customers may place bookings online or by telephone. We accept the following cards, Visa, Debit cards, Credit cards, Maestro, American Express, Mastercard and Visa Electron. International Bank transfers will be subject to a £7 surcharge.


You or any of your party must have their own travel insurance and that each is covered in the event of cancellation, personal accident, illness or loss of possessions.  Hikerseuphoria cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to luggage or for any illness or injury you or any your party might suffer whilst on the trip. We also cannot accept responsibility for any loss or consequence resulting from circumstances beyond our control.

Amendments, Changes or other relevant Information

Hikerseuphoria reserve the right to change the itinerary of the trip where circumstances dictate. All information provided through Hikerseuphoria website is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication.  Such information and prices are updated from time to time, where needed. At the point of Hikerseuphoria providing booking confirmation.

Participants will be provided with up-to-date prices, including any upgrades, surcharges, and amendments. Again customers should check this carefully. The confirmed trip price is based on tariffs, fees and costs in effect at the time you sign this agreement. In the rare occurrence where there is a significant increase/decrease in inflation, cost of fuel, supplier costs, currency exchange rates, tariffs, government fees or admission charges. Hikerseuphoria reserve the right to pass the difference on to the participants.

Hikerseuphoria assumes participants have a reasonable level of good health to be able to enjoy the trip that has been booked. Hikerseuphoria should know of any medical condition that would be useful to know in advance. If there any specific dietary requirements, inform Hikerseuphoria at the time of booking and this will then be passed onto accommodation providers.

Acceptance of the above conditions is implied when you make a booking and this constitutes the limit of our liabilities.